Grants to Curators Planning Exhibitions

The Clinton Hill / Allen Tran Foundation offers support to the critical early stages of exhibition planning in American museums.

We are offering three grants of $5,000 each to curators contemplating exhibitions which include work by artists born between 1920 and 1960. Funds would be dedicated to travel, research materials (books; photographs; software, etc.) and other essential elements not typically budgeted by museums until an exhibition proposal is finally presented and officially approved.

We are not offering subvention of a curator’s basic salary.

Reflecting the life and interests of Clinton Hill, strong preference will be given to exhibition proposals involving painting, sculpture and works on paper, especially those featuring paper as a primary medium.

The contemplated exhibition may not be one already scheduled by the home institution. It must have a projected opening within the next four years.

We hope you will take part in our program. We wish you all the best as you fulfill your valuable role in our cultural life.

Application Guidelines

Applications should be in the form of a three page letter addressing the following topics:

    1. The topic of the proposed exhibition, its historical and current importance. The physical size of the exhibition, number of works, accessibility of any loans required. Brief description of any proposed catalogue or book to accompany the exhibition.
    2. The curator’s current position and educational background as it relates to a likely successful outcome of this research.
    3. A description of the curator’s home institution. How would this exhibition enhance the offerings of the institution? How would it serve its intended audience?
    4. How would the proposed exhibition contribute to our knowledge and the enjoyment of a general audience?

The application must include 5 examples of work to be included in the exhibition. Please include a checklist identifying the works. The 5 examples must appear on a CD (maximum height or width 1280 pixels; file format must be jpeg; file size no larger than 2 MB and images numbered with artist’s name, title if any, dimensions of the work and date of creation).

Please do not send any sample publications, resumes, books, catalogues or other materials. All items will be discarded after the grant cycle is completed. Nothing will be returned to the applicant apart from an official letter from the foundation notifying them of the outcome of the panel’s deliberations.

Each page of the application should contain the applicant’s name and home institution. Please remember to include your telephone number; address; and e-mail contact information. We do not require and will not read any letters of support and recommendation. Applications exceeding or deviating from these simple guidelines will be disqualified.

Grant Program Cycle:

Applications Must be Postmarked on or Before: September 1, 2017

Send your materials to:
Clinton Hill / Allen Tran Foundation
Grant Program

37900 Los Cocos Dr. E.

Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

    • The grant panel will meet in late October of 2017.
    • The successful applicants will be notified by December 1, 2017.
    • All applicants will receive a letter of notification and thanks in December, 2017.
    • The winner will be announced on our website by January 15 2018