We are proud to announce the 2012 Grant winners:

The Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina.
 Chief Curator Jonathan Stuhlman for a conference to plan a major historical survey of modernist art in the South. The exhibition will travel to several museums and it will have a comprehensive catalog. Partners in the exhibition will meet in Charlotte to agree on content, scheduling and public programs.
The Center for Book and Paper Arts, Columbia College,  Chicago, Illinois.
Chief Curator, Jessica Cochran and Co-Curator Melissa Potter for an exhibition surveying the recent history of hand paper making in a global context. Also part of this exhibition will be the Chicago Papermakers Garden in the heart of the Chicago Loop district.
Printed Matter, New York, New York
Executive Director, James Jenkin. Grant to assist in the recovery of the important historical archive of Printed Matter in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Funds will be used for conservation, assesment and emergency technical advice and help.